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Erin Manning vs. Doug Kmiec. It ain't pretty

If that last blog post wasn't stomach-turning enough for you, brace yourselves: Doug Kmiec has decided to weigh in on the death of Senator Kennedy. And I've decided to fisk some of it. (I'd fisk the whole thing, but my comments would get wearisomely repetitive, like the original article). My remarks are in red:
For too long in America, people of good will sharing the Catholic faith have been divided [into Catholics who believe everything in the Catechism, and Catholics who dissent from parts of it. That's the divide that matters; if we'd all quit being cafeteria Catholics on issues like abortion or torture and start being Catechism Catholics, things would improve]. We have been told, or we have convinced ourselves, that unless there is perfect agreement on every issue, there can be no friendship [Who's talking about friendship? I can be friendly toward pro-abort Catholic quislings. But I don't have to accept their quislingism, do I?]. This is mistaken.
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Cavaliere said...

One has to wonder what Doug would have told St. John the Baptist over his decision to call out Herod for adultery.

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