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Earworms Destroying ObamaCare

Earworms destroying ObamaCare. Sounds like a monster movie. Maybe something starring Fred Ward and/or Matt Frewer or better yet Bruce freakin' Campbell. But the question William Jacobson is whether word of mouth on the government takeover of healthcare is bypassing the media's deathgrip leak of biased information:

Why would anyone be against government-run health care? It makes no sense to those pushing a public option, and the ultimate goal of a single-payer system. Government is good, insurance companies are bad. Repeat ad naseum, government good, insurance companies bad.

Digby at Hullabaloo noticed this phenomenon. You see, she was getting her hair cut the other day in liberal West L.A., and was shocked to discover that the people who work there are afraid of government-run health care:

Everyone in the place was complaining about the insurance companies and how broken the system was. But they were also convinced that the Democrats are trying to pass socialized medicine. When I asked what they thought that meant, they said, "government takeover of health care." And they were seriously worried about how that was going to affect them.
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