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Don't Canonize John Paul II?

Via Rod Dreher comes Eric Giunta’s article, which is probably going to get a lot of play in the blogosphere, over why he thinks JP II ought not be canonized. Giunta basically concedes that JP II fits the traditional framework for canonization—personal holiness and heroic virtue—but he shifts the goal-posts citing that his papacy was all-in-all a failure:
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Dymphna said...

If you cannonize JPII then you're saying that the koran kissing was okay, that ignoring the rumors about certain prelates was okay, that ignoring the rumors about Fr. Marciel was okay and that the open heresy that was rampant was okay too.

JPII was personally holy but he was a lenient father and anyone who's had kids knows that permissiveness leads to brats.

Anonymous said...

Personal holiness and media sparkle JPII possessed in abundance. He was loved world-wide. He was a philosopher and his writings erudite, but those were not accessible to the average Catholic. Administratively, we are told his gifts were wanting. As much as I love JPII, I can’t help but feel a critical window of rescue from the erosive effects of abuse of Vatican II was lost. Twenty eight years of freefall.

Personally, I was riveted with the election of Benedict XVI and my spiritual languor was suddenly lifted. It was as if I was awakened from a sleep. I know it is said that the Faithful came to be entertained by JPII, but they come to listen to Benedict. I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say Benedict’s influence will echo down the centuries as the man who saved Western Civilization.

I truly beleive that JPII was so holy and beleived the priesthood so intrisically sublime and pure that he couldn’t comprehend the filth that had infiltrated the Church. I love JPII and do believe sainthood is appropriate simply for his personal holiness and his groundbreaking Theology of the Body and, lastly, for having the wisdom not to let Cardinal Ratzinger retire. He was God’s instrument in these areas.

Mitch said...

To me, the question of JPII's cannonization needs to slow down. Waiving the 5 year period was a people pleasing move, but in reality it makes good sense, someone can't just be cannonized by popular opinion. If we give it more time a clearer picture of JPII will emerge and a better conclusion can be drawn.

Anonymous said...

It appears no one is good enough from Mr. Guinta. Not the Pope, not the heirachy of his local diocese nor laypeople trying to promote the EF. I found this at his personal website
Seems like he has a bone to pick with everyone.... I see a pattern forming.

Anonymous said...

He turned his back on those of us trying to defend our marriages. His tribunalists were/are mercenaries bent on finding (oops... manufacturing) "evidence" to find that what "appeared" to be a marriage was null from the start.
Ratzinger, his sidekick, is the same wolf in sheep's clothing.

Why? In many cases to justify adultery.

No way, this man Wojtyla should ever be canonized.

But alas, he will. The Catholic Church has few standards left, indeed.

A used-to-be Catholic

Anonymous said...

Looks like The Telegraph has now joined the discussion....

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