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Dem's Healthcare Dilemma

Polling assures that the Democrats must continue to work towards socialized medicine while lying about their intentions. Powerline has the story:

Today's Rasmussen survey has data that shed considerable light on the health care debate. The question posed to likely voters was whether they favor a single-payer health care system. ("Single payer" is a euphemism for socialized medicine.) Americans overwhelmingly reject government medicine, 57-32 percent.

But what is really interesting is the partisan breakdown. Most Democrats, 62 percent, do want single payer. That explains why, when Democrats are among friends like Barack Obama addressing an SEIU group, they aren't shy about their intention that the "government option" evolve into the only option.
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Sarah said...

Quick math about that: Assume Democrats make up 52% of the population (percentage that voted for Obama), and take that 67% figure of Democrats supporting socialized medicine, it gives you 34% of the population in favor of the "healthcare reform."

Basically this means that only Democrats are in favor of the bill, and of the entire party allegiance, not all of them are on board with it.

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