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Boycotter's Waterloo

Boycotts have been a useful bullying tool of the left for years. Glad to see Fox News standing up to it because if this were successful it would only serve to embolden the boycotters and silence debate. Legal Insurrection has more:

Ed Morrissey at HotAir has the rundown on the faltering boycott of Glenn Beck's Fox News show. As predicted here, the failure of the boycott has numerous benefits.

What's more, the people pushing this boycott have stepped in it this time. There is no indication that Fox News will give in to the pressure. Fox News understands that this boycott nominally is against Beck, but really is against Fox News.

This is not the first boycott Fox News has broken. Remember when Democratic presidential candidates refused to appear on Fox News or allow Fox News to host a debate? Barack Obama eventually gave an interview to Bill O'Reilly, as McCain-Palin picked up steam.
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William said...

I can't believe that I've been worrying about this boycott.

...I guess I'm just worried that if Glenn Beck really is censored (for all his faults, which are not as many as assumed) I really will worry about this country all the freaking time.

I mean, the line is being held, but geez. Barely. Pretty much if this blog or Glenn is taken down, I'd go into survival mode. Just sayin'

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