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Blogger or Writer? A Definition

I hesitate to link up David L. Alexander since it seems a conflict of interest. Obviously, it seems that David is in the employ of CMR even though we have been remiss in sending him his checks. Anyway, David attempts to clear up any confusion, in his typically acerbic fashion, on what constitutes a blogger or a writer.

Good writing is hard. Good writing actually takes time. Good writing requires the ability to assemble coherent thoughts into a line of thought, thus posing something worth pondering for a larger audience. That audience must be adept at more than clever slogans that fit neatly into 140-character-or-less "tweets." People who can do this can have weblogs and be called a "writer" because they actually... er, uh, WRITE. The guy who does little other than get a lion's share of attention from linking everybody else, is not a writer; he is a "blogger."
Be sure to read the whole thing >>>>

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