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Bishop Martino Steps Down

Sad. Bishop Martino was relentlessly attacked for being orthodox.

A Roman Catholic bishop criticized for his autocratic management style announced Monday that he is stepping down for health reasons, saying that tension within the diocese about his ideas and governance style led to insomnia and crippling physical fatigue.

Scranton Bishop Joseph Martino, 63, had been leading the northeastern Pennsylvania diocese since 2003 and will be leaving more than a decade before the usual retirement age of 75.
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paladin said...

I notice that AP hasn't lost its anti-Catholic touch, when writing these sorts of things:

Not "criticized for what his critics CALL 'his autocratic management style'", no... it has to be "criticized for his autocratic management style" (as if it were established, objective truth, rather than the opinion of a liberal hack).

I also note the wording: "heavily criticized by some parishioners who felt his imperious leadership and staunch defense of Catholic orthodoxy had alienated many in the diocese of 350,000"; staunch defense of orthodoxy (which can be verified objectively), okay... but again, no qualifiers to blunt AP's suggestion that His Excellency was, "in fact, imperious", rather than a bunch of disgruntled faux Catholics THINKING that he was "imperious". (I daresay they'd say the same thing about the Holy Father, or about St. Paul...)

Whatever happened to honesty and integrity in reporting? Even if they were up-front about their anti-Catholicism (rather than using weasel terms), I could more easily respect them.

(*sigh*) I need to stop, before I sin against charity.

Steve and Cindy Willmot said...

We live in this Diocese. Bishop Martino has faced a lot of insults and attacks from parishioners and priests alike. I will provide our current experience as only one example. He instituted a consolidation plan for 5 Churches in our area--3 of those Churches are within 5 miles of each other. Our priest, who is 75, urged the parishioners to inundate Bishop Martino with letters and phone calls to prevent the consolidation. Our parishes are some of the most liberal in the diocese and most parishioners were up in arms about the process. The process is still ongoing. My husband and I are both right about his resignation. The resistance from the priests and parishioners to embracing orthodoxy has made our Bishop ill. I fear this is the future of the Church in the Northeast.

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