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As a Father of Daughters I Found This Scary

Box Full of Blessings has a great video about how the "beauty industry" bombards young people:

Beauty is in the Eye of the Computer. This short video left me spell bound.

Really? This is what our advertising is made up of? No wonder we women always fall short.
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Kris said...

My favorite is that Dove evolution video. People have no idea what falsehoods are in the "ideal." The first video, "Onslaught" is full of the "Evolutions." And so it goes...All fake, all disturbing. An en mass psychological abuse on our women and girls and it's the new "normal."

maureen said...

My 23-yr old daughter just posted on her fashion blog that the reason she doesn't wear make up is because her mother never did! She'd rather use the 20 min it'd take to go for a run! Boy, did that make me happy!!!

Dirtdartwife said...

I have three happy, healthy and beautiful girls but I'm afraid I'm going to have to just cut the TV out because of this onslaught. I honestly can no longer keep up with it and I'm already seeing it effect my two oldest (they're under 10 too)

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