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ABC: Vatican Investigation is Bullying Nuns

Why does the media seem to believe that the Catholic Church is a democracy:

Newsflash: The media doesn't understand that the Catholic Church is not a democracy, and that the Vatican is not swayed by public opinion.

The proof of this disconnect came from ABC "World News Sunday" anchor Dan Harris and correspondent David Wright during the Aug. 16 "World News" broadcast. Wright's report on American nuns facing an apostolic visitation, labeled by Harris as "a controversial investigation," portrayed the Vatican as a big, bad bully of American nuns.
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maureen said...

After watching a nun who supported Obamacare on OReilly the other night, I looked at my husband and said the nun review was a good thing. The abortion issue was not raised and should be a red flag to every Catholic regarding the Obamacare. I don't want people hearing some liberal nun spouting off her views as reflective of what the Catholic church thinks.

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