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You Can't Be a Religious Scientist

Sam Harris published a piece in the New York Times essentially saying that Dr. Francis Collins is unfit to run the NIH because he believes in God. Hot Air has pulled some of the more incendiary quotes but really the whole thing is so offensive and yet sadly...typical:

“Dr. Collins insists that our moral intuitions attest to God’s existence, to his perfectly moral character and to his desire to have fellowship with every member of our species. But when our moral intuitions recoil at the casual destruction of innocents by, say, a tidal wave or earthquake, Dr. Collins assures us that our time-bound notions of good and evil can’t be trusted and that God’s will is a mystery.

Most scientists who study the human mind are convinced that minds are the products of brains, and brains are the products of evolution. Dr. Collins takes a different approach: he insists that at some moment in the development of our species God inserted crucial components — including an immortal soul, free will, the moral law, spiritual hunger, genuine altruism, etc.
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