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Was Mary Magdalene Dissed by the Church?

The Anchoress takes on conventional wisdom. Guess who wins:

At our most recent Big Family Party I got into a conversation with a dear friend of the family – a lady in her 70’s who is very modern-thinking, and on top of the conventional wisdom. Somehow the conversation got into television programming, and a general consensus was reached: television was more entertaining when there were five channels to choose from and afternoon and late-night movies. Now? “Hundreds of channels and there’s never anything on!”

Apparently, though, there was a cable broadcast on St. Mary Magdalene that had lit our friend’s ire: “I think it was very wrong of the church to disrespect her and denigrate her by insisting that she was a prostitute! They had to lower her in the eyes of the world because she was a powerful woman and they were men trying to stay in charge.”

I gather that The DaVinci Code has also shown up on cable, lately.
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