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This Makes Me Pull My Hair Out

A Nun for Obama is telling Catholics to just shut up about those pesky little insignificant issues like abortion and just pass ObamaCare. This kind of thing makes me nuts! And I blame Catholic Key for telling me about it:

An Interfaith group called 'We Believe Together - Health Care For All' held a press conference today at the Capitol demanding Congress pass a health care bill NOW. Sister of Social Service Simone Campbell was among them. This from Catholic News Service's report on the conference:

Fear of change, Sister Simone said, is what is holding back members of Congress now. Instead of making a decision many representatives are getting confused by insignificant details, she said.

"Too often in D.C. we can get caught in the details and in the argument," she said.

Anybody with a pulse knows what those "insignificant details" are. The U.S. Bishops have addressed them.
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maureen said...

I hope she is one of the nuns the pope's commission is going to visit and review! This should convince everyone that the reviews may be necessary!

William said...

I'm disappointed her last name wasn't "Sassafras"

Sister of Social Service Simone ... CAMPBELL just doesn't have the same ring.

Rick said...

at least you have something to pull out

TomE said...

She sounds like the President of the AMA. Apparently she takes social service to the beaurocratic level. Must be the new outlook on those faith-based initiatives (and I'd be willing to bet that we won't hear a peep from the ACLU;-)

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