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Steal a Fetus, Find a Baby

Verum Serum has a brilliant post about the recent tragedy:

It’s a terrible story. A Massachusetts woman named Darlene Haynes was 8-months pregnant. She was murdered and her baby was cut from her and kidnapped. Police have now Julie Corey who apparently lived in the same apartment building at one point. The baby was “found” alive at a local hospital and is doing well.

As I looked at differing media accounts, I noticed that some members of the media seem to be struggling with the proper language to use in this case. Technically, Darlene Hayes had a fetus inside her. But when she was murdered and cut open, was a baby kidnapped or a fetus? Here are a few headlines, starting with this one published yesterday by Fox News:
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eulogos said...

There is an edition of William's obstetrics which is describing a delivery; at the point where the baby is half in, half out, there are instructions to do something to one part of the baby, something else to another part of the fetus. The part of the new human being which is outside the mother is referred to as a part of a baby, but the part which is still inside is referred to as a part of a fetus. I wish I could find the exact quote.
Susan Peterson

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