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Sex Toy Ad in Prime Time?

The coarsening of our culture Part XXXXVVXXXXXXXXXXVXVXVXVXVXVXV:

It's hard enough watching television with your kids these days given all the Viagra and Cialis commercials, but are we now going to have to put up with ads for sex toys?

Trojan's vibrating fingertip massager for women has been around for over a year, as has the commercial for it.

However, I didn't expect it to appear in the middle of CMT's prime time airing of "Field of Dreams" Monday night.
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William said...

I don't know; I know it would have gone right over my head as a kid. Still pretty lame for our culture, though.

But the fact it played during "Field of Dreams"....?

Derald said...

This is yet another reason my wife and I decided to pull the plug! The funny thing is, we have not missed it at all, that coming from a man that really dreaded the loss of my box!

We did away with cable years ago for the childrens sake and when they did the digital switch we decided that John Senior (Death of Christian Culture & Restoration of Christian Culture, if you have not read them please do so) was probably correct, throw the thing out.

We have eight children and it truly has been one of the best things we ever did for our family.

Anonymous said...

My son loves baseball and we both love this movie. I let him watch it and I watched it when I could,but I missed this ad. O hope it went over his head- he is 11. I have already blocked all the music channels, Spike,and the Comedy channel. I guess I will have to take that final step and like Derald, just cancel the stupid thing altogether. Thanks for the info. We are indeed in a battle and what is at stake is the innocence of our children.

Anonymous said...

You people are silly. If the ad goes over the childs head, fine. If not, then they're probably old enough to have the talk about the birds and bees anyways. Although, I must say, I wouldn't want any of you people teaching my kid about sex. They'd probably try to "save themselves" and not use protection and end up ruining their lives b/c they got their 14 or 15 yr old girlfriend pregnant. I can't believe adults, who used to be that stupid teenager that probably got pregnant at 15, still trust their children to save themselves these days instead of informing them and having them practice safe sex. Haven't you learned anything?

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