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Pelosi: Insurance Co's are Immoral Villians

I just get such a big kick out of Nancy Pelosi brining morality into the conversation. The question of where this morality comes from should be followed by urging her not to mix up Church and state. Hot Air has Pelosi's ridiculous comments:

Good stuff. Take one of the most unpopular politicians in America, have her go off half-cocked in a crude attempt to satisfy Democratic demands for a villain to demagogue in selling ObamaCare, then wait for the backlash. Bonus points for using the same Orwellian rhetorical device Paul Ryan called Katrina Vanden Heuvel on last night, namely, exploiting the language of competition to push one of the most anti-competitive domestic measures in American history.

For sheer comic alarmism, this is topped only by The One’s warning at last week’s presser that greedy doctors are after your tonsils. But remember, you’re the ones who are fearmongering.
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Ed said...

Make no mistake about this America. This is not about improving health care. This is about power!!
You'd fight back too, if they were trying to shut you down.
Check out my take and stick around for good content.

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