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Obama as Willy Loman

As Obama closes in for the hard sell, he maintains strict eye contact, he's pushing the pen into your hand and he's telling you that if you don't act now there are three people on the phone who will make this deal of a lifetime with him. And then, what's this? You, the customer is reacting to something. Something has made you think twice about the whole thing. Ah, it's the sour stank of desperation emanating from the salesman and you wisely tell the now leering salesman that you'd like to walk away from the deal. And then things get really weird. Pundette has more:

Via Pundit, Byron York has put his finger on it. Obama is a salesman, and he's giving us the high-pressure sales pitch.

But the public understands that he wants to rush, rush, rush, and voters told the RNC researchers that they were tired of the pressure. “Repeatedly,” the Republican strategist says, “we’d hear, ‘Wait a second. We had to do the stimulus in the dead of night, we had to do cap and trade without anybody reading the bill, we had to move quickly on a multitrillion-dollar budget without any serious public debate, and now we’ve got to get health care done in two weeks?’ ”
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