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More Late Abortions Than AIDS Deaths?

A society that works so hard and raises so much money to fight AIDS has been inexplicably blind to the horror of abortion. Big Blue Wave has the story. I'm going to check out the numbers a little further but was hoping that someone out there a little better at math could see that this is right:

This extraordinarily high number is even more remarkable in that it is based on 2005 data (i.e. the latest CDC Report issued in late 2008) which is two years AFTER the Federal Ban Act of 2003 prohibiting D&X Partial Birth Abortion in the U.S. The alternative but similarly grotesque procedure, primarily employed in late-term post-20-weeks’ abortions (that HAS NOT been banned in the U.S.) is the D&E – Dilation & Evacuation – procedure, which dismembers the child in the uterus (womb) using surgical instruments, with the cervix as a fulcrum. It is a procedure as horrific to contemplate as D&X and possibly even more pain-inflicting to the potentially-viable child.
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Juan O'Callahan said...

Yes it is true. Continued research into the numbers provided by the CDC and California Dept of Human Services MediCal, as well as analysis of past data for states not reporting (or partial reporting) indicate that over 20,000 babies in the 21-weeks-and later-gestation category (the potentially viable age) are aborted by D&E dismemberment each year in the U.S. This number is 50% more than the number of annual AIDS deaths in the U.S. The purpose of relating these numbers is to illustrate that the U.S. has mounted a huge and successful effort to combat AIDS deaths and HIV virus; but has done nothing about Late-Term Abortion of Livable Babies by D&E (Dilation & Evacuation) intra-uterus Dismemberment...method that is virtual infanticide.

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