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I'm not Southern. And I'm not a woman. But I love good writing. And that's what this piece delivers in a Souther woman's defense of Mississippi in light of the prejudice of New Englanders against the South. I must give a hat tip to Southern Appeal for pointing me to this:

Maybe my lack of a thick Southern accent has made me mostly impervious to this in the past, but last week in Connecticut, I was subject to some of the most oddly small-minded anti-Southern prejudice I’ve ever experienced. And it made me mad, so now I’m writing about it.

I was attending a summer AP workshop at the prestigious Taft School in Watertown. It’s a beautiful campus, postcard perfect, equal to any fantasy I ever had about New England. The first day of class, the teacher sitting next to me politely inquired about where I lived. When I told her, she responded, “Oh, so you guys probably don’t have too many AP workshops available down there.”

And that was just the beginning.
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