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If You Care About Being Lied To...

If you're a regular here at Creative Minority Report you probably don't trust the media all that much. But this is so crazy that you just have to see it. The text is fine but the competing videos tell the story better. Go to Gateway Pundit and prepare to despair over the state of media today:

The US media reported today on "continuing protests" in support of ousted President Manuel Zelaya in Honduras.
FOX News reported:
"Demonstators on the streets of Honduras again today demanding that Manuel Zelaya be reinstated."
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Anonymous said...

what happened to "fair and balanced" FOX... or are they being lied to as well?

Steven P. Cornett said...

Fox News seems to have become unfair and unbalanced before the Obamunists.

"We distort...do we even get to decide?"

Steven P. Cornett

William said...

We all get it wrong sometimes, but in Fox's defense here, it WAS Shepherd Smith, well know to be the weakest and most liberal link in the Fox News lineup.

Steven P. Cornett said...

We all get it wrong sometimes, but in Fox's defense here, it WAS Shepherd Smith

It was Shepard Smith as presenter, but Fox News that did the presentation. And that presentation was completely biased, and allowed Smith to make his report.

Not to mention the script. You think Smith wrote that either?

Wonder how much money Murdoch is getting for this? He doesn't own a multi-billion dollar conglomerate with deep hands in Obama government now like NBC or MSNBC(and mostly BS). But if you're given enough, you'll say anything.

Steven P. Cornett

"Fox News: We distort, you deride!"

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