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I Was a Pro-life Atheist

The issue of sex converts a pro-life atheist.

Pro-life atheism? Most people would call that a contradiction in terms. But it isn’t. I was one, and there are more.

Although I was raised Catholic, Catholic grade school and high school filled me with an enormous disdain for the Faith. As a teenager, I realized that none of my teachers were able to answer any serious questions about the Faith.

“It’s a mystery!” they would say, which I soon realized simply meant "Shut up, please."

“You just have to believe!” they would say. “No, actually, I don’t,” I would think.
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Sherry said...

This is a gorgeous piece of writing. Bravo for the courage and the words and the wisdom and the faith and the logic they reveal. Having a family member who struggles on/off with faith, this story gives great hope.

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