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Catholics for Kerry Founder Is a Pimp?

Your Ick! of the day from American Catholic:

Eric McFadden was the founder of Catholics for Kerry, a group which proudly proclaimed that Catholics should support John Kerry notwithstanding his support for abortion.

After the election McFadden went on to bigger and better things when he was appointed by Ted Strickland, pro-abort Democrat governor of Ohio, in February 2007 to head the Ohio Office of Faith Based Initiatives.

McFadden resigned from that position in October of 2007.

McFadden also served as head of Catholic outreach for the Clinton campaign in 2008. And here we have him making the first comment in this thread, carrying water for pro-abort Obama.

Then we have McFadden writing a public letter attacking Supreme Knight Carl Anderson of the Knights of Columbus for reminding Catholics that Obama and Biden hold views on abortion diametrically opposed to the Catholic Church.

Yesterday he was arrested and charged with running a prostitution ring for 6 years in Columbus, Ohio.
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Anonymous said...

This story is actually 6 months old.

Pro Ecclesia said...

Actually, no, it's not 6 months old, since he just pled guilty the other day. The arrest was 6 months ago, but being arrested for something and actually pleading guilty for the same are 2 different stories.

Anonymous said...

Ok, but my point was what's been posted and linked to is old news.

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