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A Beautiful Moment for Minnesota Mom

For some reason I could really relate to this moment from Minnesota Mom:

I was on my way out to walk the dog yesterday when Felicity begged to come. I shut off my iPod with a sigh and a smile; yes, I’d love for her to join me. Is there anything as sweet as a 6-year-old, I wonder? Truly, few things are.

We walked hand-in-hand and she talked nonstop. The dog lunged here and there.

Just up the road is a field of wildflowers; it’s our favorite spot and for good reason. Purple, white and yellow flowers—big clumps of color, as far as the 6-year-old eye can see!
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Margaret in Minnesota said...

The good news is...those knees have since healed.

Tomorrow, though, is another day.

Thank you for the link, Matthew!

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