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Anti-Catholicism at the New Yorker

Fr. James Martin S.J. is slightly repelled by the anti-Catholicism of a piece in the famous magazine:

The New Yorker, as a rule, is not anti-Catholic. I say this as a longtime reader and avid fan. And I say it despite the fact that the magazine featured a painting of a crucified Easter bunny during Holy Week in 1995; despite the fact that last year the estimable literary critic James Woods wrote in an otherwise sensitive review of Marilynne Robinson’s book Home that he found priests “at once fascinating and slightly repellent;” and despite the fact that the famously fact-checked magazine often gets some basic facts about the Catholic church wrong. (Sorry, no hyperlink: these lapses are too numerous to mention, believe me. And if you don’t believe me, there’s one listed below.)

But the article by Paul Rudnick in the latest issue, called “Fun with Nuns,” I found, to borrow Mr. Woods' phrase, “slightly repellent.”
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William said...

Yeah, yeah.

The oh-so-great, "He only beats me once a week, so how can you say he doesn't love me?" theory.

A decent read it may be, but respectful of Catholics it's not.

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