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To be honest, I didn't even know what a bon mot was until I read Dale's piece. But I do understand and approve of thumbing your nose at authority (the secular kind). And Dale has taken on Canada's Human Right's Commission with a pithy bon mot. So go vote for him and he'll get his bon mot on a t-shirt. (OK. Moratorium on usage of my new favorite word bon mot) So check out Dale and go vote for him:

Devoted readers:

You can win me at least one, and possibly three, t-shirts by going over to Blazing Cat Fur to vote in the "Be Mean to Jennifer Lynch" contest. Ms. Lynch is Big Sister, the head of the Canadian Human Rights [sic] Commission, which has been tasked by the solons of the Dominion with salving the imagined and potential hurts of politically approved groups. Here's the problem with Ms. Lynch and the CHRC, in a fisky nutshell from Ezra Levant, her indefatigable foe and one of the great free speech heroes of our time, right up there with Nat Hentoff.
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DP said...

Thank you kindly for the hat-tip! Alas, I'm in fifth place and holding, but the support is much appreciated.

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