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Will Obama Stand Up For Iranians?

Hugh Hewitt asks if President Obama will stand up for human rights in Iran and all I can think is that why should he when he's not even willing to stand up for them here. Maybe the issue of human rights in Iran is above his pay grade or maybe he's just concerned with the rights of one particular human who's named Barack.

My new Townhall.com column asks: "How hard should it be for President Obama to declare unequivocally and with specificity that the Khamenei/Ahmadinejad regime should not murder its opponents, should not fire into crowds, should not sweep through the university campus and drag away suspected student leaders?"
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Anonymous said...

Well, considering the Obama Justice Department just served a subpoena on a newspaper to learn the identities of bloggers criticizing the divine one, it might be embarrassing when it starts happening here.

Not that ABC will cover it.

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