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Why The Good Samaritan Was A Guy

If the good Samaritan had his daughter and a girlfriend with him, things may have gone very differently. Karen Hall makes the case...

...Juli and I helped Mike get sofa #1 strapped to the dolly, and then I prayed hard while Mike was pulling it up the front stairs of my apartment building, while Lynn opened the security door for him. Mike and the sofa were halfway up the stairs when we hear a voice: "Hey, I'm a professional mover, do you want some free help?" I said to Mike, "Free is all I can afford" and he told me not to worry, he'd pay the guy. I said great.

Now, being me, I'm thinking "what are the odds that a professional mover would happen by on a bike just when we needed help with the sofas?" God is good, surely I am meant to live in this apartment and have these sofas, etc. etc.

Juli and Lynn, on the other hand, the first being "a confused Christian" and the latter being "I don't know what the bleep is going on but someday it'll be fine" ... notice that the "professional mover" has all of his worldly goods strapped to the back of his bike, and no teeth.

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