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We All Want to be Cool

Michael Moriarity, the actor, nails it for me in this essay at Enter Stage Right. What we're up against is cool. And for this high school culture, cool sells:

"Distance" is what you need in order to rise above a people who "cling to guns and religion".

For example, these new "Czars" which the President has hired? We've lost count of them and soon the Czar-net may be bigger than the Cabinet. We now have these overnight know-it-alls who answer only to the increasingly distant Grand Czar, President Barack Obama. In fact his "Grandness" has reached such a compelling stature that the distance between us, according to a recent declaration by Newsweek's Evan Thomas, is the dizzyingly infinite gulf between well … yes, mankind and "God"!

Hmmm … a "Cool God", though.
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