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Uh-Oh. The ACLU's On Our Side?

I always get a little nervous when the ACLU is on my side but in this case I'm grateful to have any allies. Acts of the Apostasy has a great update on what I think is one of the most important stories in the Catholic blogosphere right now:

From The Hartford Courant.com: ACLU Backs Bridgeport Diocese In Fight Vs. State Agency

Saying it is a matter of free speech, the ACLU has filed a brief in support of the Diocese of Bridgeport's battle against a state agency seeking to require the church to register as a lobbyist.
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Anonymous said...

No - it's great news. People who wouldn't give the diocese of Bridgeport the time of day, listen to the ACLU.

I think they come down on the side of a lot of issues we'd disagree on, not just because of the issue, but because of the constitutional principle they see in the issue. Here, they see free speech, so even if they think the Church is no better than the Klan, they'll hold their nose and help.

S. Murphy

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