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A Tale of Two Shootings

A good take from Media blog on two tragedies and the responses to them:

Shortly after the murder of George Tiller, pro-life groups put out statements denouncing the crime. These statements came from all over the pro-life camp. Some were more forthright than others, it it true, but most were admirable in their categorical rejection of vigilante killings.

This morning, a U.S. Army recruiting station was attacked. One recruiter was killed, another hurt. Any statements from the antiwar Left deploring that violence?
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Anonymous said...

No. The recruiting station shooting is on the cable stations (I forget which one - I was walking by it in the MCX at Cherry Point). They mentioned that the guy was Muslim. I don't think it was Fox. Heard it on NPR, too.

This isn't doing us any good. Or Muslims any good. These two losers just 'proved' that religion kills people, and non-murderous religionists are enablers. Every time some Christian with a blog whines "but the Muslims are the bad guys..." No. It's unjust - plenty of Muslims AREN'T violent. Morocco, for instance, is an entire Muslim country you hardly ever hear of, because it's citizens aren't blowing each other up.

S. Murphy

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