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Shame on Kate

If I weren't such a perfect husband I could possibly relate to Kate's predicament but I'm pretty darn great so I'll just post it here for you non-perfect spouse types. It's called "Shame on Me":

My husband has been working long hours all week. He gets home around midnight just when my head hits the pillow after shushing and nursing the baby into a deep sleep. He plants a soft kiss on my cheek and then we say a quick goodnight, and that’s about it.


Our mornings have been more rushed than usual because Madeline has had day camp at our church all week. (As an aside: I’ve had my first experience with carpools, and I’ve come to the quick conclusion that I don’t like them. Not one bit. Neither does M.E., who starts wailing each time the car stops. Poor love.)
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Kate Wicker said...

Thank you so much for your support. I'm humbled - and glad most of the trolls pester big fish like you instead of loitering around my little corner of cyberspace. :)


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