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Obama's First Scandal

NTC News was launched recently and its worth checking out if only as a news aggregator. The site was set up as a response to Tucker Carlson's announcement that he was going to come in and take over the conservative blogosphere. So RS McCain, who may just be the hardest working guy in the blogosphere, along with a group of other folks started Not Tucker Carlson news as sort of a poke in his eye, I guess. And CMR are big fans of eye pokes. But anyway, check out the site. McCain wrote a piece for NTC about the burgeoning scandal about the firing by Obama which the media is completely ignoring.

If not for the turmoil in Iran, accounts of the firing of Gerald Walpin certainly would have gotten more news coverage this week. The Obama administration's dismissal of the inspector general for the AmeriCorps federal "volunteer" program has all the makings of a classic Beltway "cover-up" scandal. Not even the sycophantic White House press corps will be able to ignore this story for long.
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Anonymous said...

What do you mean 'first'!?

Oh, I get it, you make joke! In Obamastan, political memory doesn't have YOU!

What a country!

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