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Marky Mark Is Not A New Kid On The Block

and thus he should know better. Anything you say on a blog can and will be used against you by everyone. My sympathies.

Make a couple of minor observations, set off giant discussions!

I never know what's going to trigger explosions. Sometimes, I confess, there are days when I'm feeling a bit mischievous and I will deliberately post something that I know will make (some) people get all het up. Usually I will do so in way which I, at any rate, think is pretty obviously tongue-in-cheek. But there are always irony-impaired readers who will take me seriously and freak out. It's a cheap form of amusement for the economically downtrodden.

Other times I will say something which I'm quite serious about, which I know will be unpopular, but which I think needs said anyway. Readers weary of my missives on torture are familiar with the tendency.

Still other times, I will make a couple of (to me) innocuous--and often highly tentative--observations about this or that.... only to be surprised at a vociferous and large outpouring of passionate mail on some subject that I don't really have strong views on.

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