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As scary as the text is, the pictures are far more disturbing. Don't believe me? Fr. Richard McBrien in a speedo. I'm sorry I had to put that image in your mind but LarryD did it first:

"Good evening, everybody, and welcome to the CDF Arena in Vatican City! It's a packed house, and the crowd is rowdy, eager for tonight's Main Event: Heresy Smackdown 2009! I'm no prophet, but I predict an epic battle of biblical proportions! I'm Michael Cole!"

"And I'm Fr John Corapi. Michael, this is very exciting. For years now I've been preaching on the spiritual battle that rages all around us, and tonight... yes, tonight the fans here and the viewers tuning in on EWTN Sports, are in for a real treat."
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Anonymous said...

That was soooo funny! A good one, a really good one! THANKS.

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