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Large Families and the Environmentalists

When I hear about the government seeking to mandate the end of SUV's I wonder where I'm going to put all my children. One more child and the nine year old will have to be bungeed to the luggage rack on top of the minivan. Soon, I might need to go bigger than the old minivan but government mandates are not my friend here. Erin, posting over at Crunchy Con has some thoughts. Key graph here:

Now, I don't think having two or three children automatically means you need an SUV, though in our family it does mean a minivan. When the girls were younger, we found out that you can't put three car seats in the back seat of a sedan; even when we didn't need car seats anymore we did need room for kids plus groceries or luggage.

But I've heard from a family with four young children, and I know of families with five or more--and more and more they're feeling like not only the push for smaller cars, but environmental practices in general, are leaving them far behind.
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Jennifer Merkel said...

Muslims have large families, and we are a Muslim nation, aren't we?

Dirtdartwife said...

What about those that don't use fertility drugs but still end up with multiples, and thus effectively outgrow their vehicle with one pregnancy? If I'm carrying twins, I will need a new vehicle because my truck currently only carries 7 (and I've 4 kids currently)

How much more micromanagement can the government think we will tolerate?

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