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Mel Gibson has certainly been under the microscope. Man With Black Hat feels some compassion for the multi-millionaire celebrity. It's a good piece:

As a boy, I read that singer Perry Como never allowed his family to be photographed in public, or otherwise exposed to the limelight by his publicists. He went so far as to not even allow them on his TV Christmas specials, unlike other artists of the time. For all that, he could still return to his hometown on the southern outskirts of Pittsburgh, and walk into his favorite barbershop, as if he had never left.

If you can be famous enough, yet still comfortable in your own skin, that fame will never get the best of you. Now, I know some bloggers who have a problem handling it. Imagine life in Hollywood.
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Steven P. Cornett said...

Am I the only one that thinks Mel might be better off finding a place in the country with a good FSSP parish nearby and bidding Hollywierd a not-so-fond but long overdue farewell?

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