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Father Z. Sees Red!

Red Cardigan that is. Father Z. fisks Erin's post at Crunch Con.

Some hours back I posted an interesting piece by a baptist minister which has been getting some play in the blogosphere.

On a site called Crunchy Con there is a reaction to the experience this baptist minister had.

A "crunchy con" is conservative whom some say have a greater awareness of the environment, or a preference for small shops rather than strip malls. I have a sympathy for what I think "crunchy con" might mean. I like the fact that they are against abortion and attacks on traditional family values. I like to support small stores rather than huge chains, but I also go to Sam’s Club for a lot of things. I think we need to take care of the environment, but I think real conservatives love mother earth too. So… we are supposed to read what I reposted below with the image in our mind of "a crunchy con" reflecting on liturgy.

Try to follow… a post within a post within a post…. a different way of going down, not a rabbit hole, but through the looking glass.
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