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Cardinal Petitions for Female Ordination

As unsurprising as it is sad. Rorate Caeli has the story:

During his visit to the Vatican with a delegation of Austrian Bishops in the past two days, the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna delivered a message from his flock, as Italian news agency ASCA reports:
In the Vatican, Card. Schönborn also presented the so-called "Initiative of the lay faithful" (Laieninitiative), a petition by relevant Austrian Catholics launched earlier this year, which asks for the abolition of compulsory celibacy, the return to activity of married priests, the opening of the diaconate to women, and the ordination of [married] 'viri probati'.
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Geoffrey said...

Isn't Shonborn the guy who wrote most of the Catechism?

paladin said...

(*sigh*) This can also be worded: "Cardinal petitions Vatican for making Catholic Doctrine and Discipline optional"... or, more colloquially: "What, me surreal?"

Sherry said...

Why isn't any priest having an epiphany that obedience is the surest route to God and petitioning to become a nun?

Because it was never about equality or fairness, it has always been about power and/or liberty to act in some way other than how one professed to know was true. Sheesh!

Now, every stupid petition that advocates eliminating values is touted as reform and meaningful, while any statements that we shall hold today what we held to be true yesterday and tomorrow, is viewed as narrow.

David L Alexander said...

If I were to tell you today, that "fifteen centuries ago, women were sacramentally ordained to the diaconate," I would be absolutely correct, and I could prove it. BUT... what I may or may not choose to tell you, is that the words "sacrament" "ordination" (in Greek, "chierotonia") and "diaconate" had less precise meanings fifteen centuries ago than they do today. I would not be so much wrong, as I would be misleading. This is what is happening here. This is what needs to be understood if one is going to refute an error against the Faith.

An essay that I wrote on the subject in 1996, eventually made its way to the EWTN Online Library. It can be found here:


John Hetman said...

Austria is not on the cutting edge of anything except cultural suicide in its increasing moribund state of decay like all of so-called progressive Christianity. His Eminence is supposed to act as shepherd of his self-destructive flock, not like the main ram.

Anonymous said...

Today I heard the Cardinal preach at the Stephansdom at the ordination of new priests in Vienna. He said that priestly celibacy is a gift to the church and was praised and upheld by VII. He said he would not even expect a third Vatican council to abolish it.

That Schönborn pushes for female ordinations is a gross distortion of the facts.

And thanks for all the sympathies for Austria you express here and at rorate. Your well informed and well intended comments are really winning peoples hearts over.


David said...

Cardinal Schonborn is no stranger to controversy. He was responsible for a very controversial Youth Mass in Wolfsthal (you know, baloons and giant puppets); there was an infamous Austrian seminary that had to be closed when the seminarians were found to be "kissing and fondling" and had downloaded a ton of porn onto the seminary's computer.

Finally, the art museam attached to Cardinal Schonborn's cathedral held an exibition of the 'works' of atheist, communist "artist" Alfred Hrdlicka. The display included offensive, blasphemous images of the last supper as a homosexual orgy.

Of course, this very petition did the rounds in both Australia and the UK, the Bishops Conference down under rejected it out of hand. Unlike the Austrians, our painfully politically correct Bishops still didn't see the need to waste the Holy Father's time with this nonsense.

With all this and Josef Fritzl, and Neo-Nazis attacking memorial services at Mauthausen concentration camp, we can be forgiven for thinking there is something very wrong in the state of Austria.

Anonymous said...

"a petition by relevant Austrian Catholics..."

Now wait just a darn minute. I want to know what the "irrelevant" Catholics think, too.


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