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Bishop Corrects Politician

I saw this story when I was up in New York visiting my Mom but then I forgot about it because I'm one of the dumbest people on the planet. But thankfully Adrienne was there to remind me.

A Bishop Tells Off a Politician....About time!

NY Bishop Tells Politician: Same-Sex "Marriage" Stance is "Non-negotiable" for Practicing Catholic...

Long Island's Bishop William Murphy has come out swinging at Nassau County Executive Thomas Suozzi, after the New York politician publicly stated he was a "practicing Catholic" who now supports same-sex marriage," a position that Murphy said is incompatible with being Catholic.
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Adrienne said...

Matthew - it's stories like this that renew my hope...

It's so nice to hear a bishop tell all Catholics what his job entails.

People yearn for leadership and guidance not wishy-washy "follow your conscience". If our consciences are not informed by correct teaching than aren't we just following a blind person?

God bless you for the wonderful job you are doing and I forgive you for winning Best New Blog over moi. You deserved to win!! ;-)

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