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Behar: Baptism = Waterboarding

The View has to be the preeminent anti-Christian show on television today. If it weren't so silly I might be able to gin up some concern over it. Behar, a lapsed Catholic, knocks baptism in this clip, according to Newsbusters:

An ancient Christian religious ritual is apparently comparable to a controversial interrogation technique, according to Joy Behar of ABC’s “The View.” On June 3, the hosts of “The View” were discussing the new reality show, “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here,” where pampered “celebrities” are placed in a jungle in Costa Rica. “Hills” reality television star Spencer Pratt was baptized on the show and “The View” featured a clip from his baptism in a river.

Behar, of course, had to add in her usual quip. “Isn’t it like water boarding- when they dump your head under there like that?” Fellow host Elisabeth Hasselbeck quickly replied with, “no.”
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John Hetman said...

I has to be a sin of the utter and total waste of God's gift of life and time to watch such inane garbage as The View and Oprah, et al. They are pure pornography of the mind and soul...and s/m at that.

Sherry said...

Now, now, that's a bit harsh on purveyors of voyeuristic false intimacy in the form of the flesh everywhere.

Sebastian said...

No, no, you don't get it - it's an idea association game. Look, I can do it to:

scuba diving = drowning

necktie = noose

sleeping = coma

circumcision = castration

Eucharist = cannibalism (according to some ancient Romans)

Sunday school = child abuse (according to some very modern anti-Romans)

Freethinkers = thinkers

Atheists = brights

Bill Maher = artist

Pro-lifers = terrorists

fetus = parasite and/or cancer

abortion = murder (oh, wait, this one is actually true!)

What is the common thread? Some resemblance in the accidents, but the essence is totally opposite (reverse for last example).

If this is what passes for thinking in lib arts schools nowadays, I think a lot of people should be demanding a refund.

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