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9th Circuit Upholds Anti-Catholic Resolution

Gov't vs. the Catholic Church. Again:

Early March 2006, Boston Catholic Charities' decided to end its adoption program rather than comply with a state law requiring them to place children with same-sex couples.

Catholic Charities Boston said they, "cannot reconcile the teaching of the church, which guides our work, and the statutes and regulations of the commonwealth," and so bowed out of service as one of the nation's oldest adoption agencies.

But Catholic Charities Boston had already reconciled itself to state law, placing 13 children over the years in same-sex homes. The events leading to their eventual reconciliation with Church law came about only when these adoptions were made public.
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John Hetman said...

The 9th Circuit Court must be the favorite of His Worship, Barack Hussein Obama. So far left is this wacky court that its decisions keep getting overturned by the Supreme Court which threatens it with permanent exile to Stockholm.

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