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When An African American - Isn't

We are very pleased to see that our friend Dan has returned to blogging. He brings us this interesting story from New Jersey about an African American suspended from Med school because of his color.

Last week, Paulo Serodio filed a case against a New Jersey medical school for improperly suspending him. Mr. Serodio was born in Mozambique and moved to the US and became a citizen. He claims he was suspended from the school because people objected to him, when asked to identify his ethnicity, calling himself an African American.

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Mitch said...

My previous parish priest was african-american. Genetically he is mostly irish, his parents lived most of their life in S. Africa in a Dutch Afrikkaner neighborhood. This priest was born in africa, ordained there and recently became and american citizen. He jokingly called himself an african-american to our parish, and later he did so again when i had him for a religion class at college.

Unknown said...

They suspended him because of that?!

** said...

He's a White Male, so he is not entitled to any Human Rights.

BTW: BHO is 50% white, and it is he was actually born in Indonesia.

So to be accurate, that makes him the first Afro-Irish, Indonesian illegal immigrant US President.

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