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This Clown Was Honored by my Alma Mater

Why would any Republican go on Chris Matthews' show? He's a classless self righteous punk who has no interest in truth. Here he talks about people of faith being anti-science. Newsbusters has the vid. It kills me that Saint Joe's honored him at their commencement.

When examination of the science is too much work for show preparation and taking a position that falls in line with like-minded ideologues is part of your shtick, you can always resort to ad hominem attacks if needed.

In a May 19 segment on his "Hardball" program about global warming, MSNBC's Chris Matthews interviewed Reps. Jim Moran, D-Va., and Dana Rohrabacher, R-Calif., who had opposing views on the issue. However, Matthews attacked Rohrabacher, a global warming skeptic, as someone ignorant of science.
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Jacki said...

I know, my alma mater too (and my husband's, and many of my closest friends). What kills me is the lack of outrage - no, the lack of awareness - among the SJU alumni. Yes, this is the kind of "journalist" they chose to honor. Clown is too kind of a description. Just makes me sad.

Anonymous said...

Yes, my alma Mater too. My school has not made me very proud in the last few years(re: Santorum). At least Mathews could see through Slick Willy's mask. I wonder who comes up with these decisions? Is the Jesuit community aware about to Whom they are answerable too!?Or is St.Joe's administration looking to cut ties with the Vatican?!(ie.Georgetown). If that's the case will our recruitment improve?

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