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Show of Hands, Who Wants to be a Toe?

This world wide interweb thingy is pretty cool. You bounce around for a year or two and you think you know the lay of the land and then all of a sudden you discover a blog you didn't even know existed before. And you like it. Adrienne's Catholic Corner is just such a one:

Last night while making dinner, I had the TV in the kitchen ($10.00 used) tuned to that strange show " The Doctors." Now I wasn't watching The Doctors because I think it is a great show. I was watching it because it is now the only channel we receive on this particular TV. It is so old that a converter box can't even be hooked up to it. But I digress.

*****Last night they were touting Embryonic Stem Cell Research as the "end all and be all" of the future.
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Adrienne said...

Thank you for saying all those nice things about me (the check is in the mail ;-) ;-) )

I come here all the time but hardly ever leave comments because every thing that needs to be said is said already and usually waaaaaay better than I ever could.

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