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Questions from a Baptist

Baron von Korf's Court has what I think will be a pretty interesting read:

This is the first of an 11 part series called Questions from a Baptist. This was originally a series of questions posed to me through a friend for his friend's Humanities class. He asked 11 questions about the Catholic Church, and those are going to be the 11 spots here. I gave the answers to the best of my knowledge and with the understanding that they are not totally complete. Truly a whole book could be written on each one, and it wouldn't surprise me if there are.

1.I understand that the Catholic Church is a church based in Christianity. For some time, the people of the Baptist Church have said that the Chatolics are misleading the people of the congregation by teaching them to pray to saints rather than directly to Christ. Do you believe this is accurate or do you believe their view is in error?
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