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A Prayer for Sarah

Fellow blogger Sarah is on her way to the hospital. Say a little prayer if you would. Thanks.

What Is Wrong With Me? I have an inkling that it's my gall bladder.

On Saturday I started having pinching in my gall bladder area (liver/gall bladder; right side of my body). I looked up a picture of the innards and yup, that's where I'm having pain. All day Sunday, too. Okay, I believed "B" when she said it was my gall bladder and liver area when I asked her about it. She's a nurse. But, since it wasn't getting any worse, nor any better, I decided to down play it. It went away during my sleep last night . . . so I bounded about like everything is fine. I went to the post office to mail out my mum's gift and something for another Blogger (Jen). When I hopped back into my van, I just about passed out from the intense pain/pop/pull in the same area. OUCH! I just sat there asking God to spare me. I drove home very carefully, but I felt every bump.
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