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Poll: Catholics Oppose Notre Dame Decision

Amazing how different the results are when you change the wording of a question. The problem with the original poll, I think, is that the mainstream media hasn't covered this issue with any intensity so people didn't have the pertinent facts.

A telephone survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports has found that 52% of Americans-- and 60% of Catholics-- believe that the University of Notre Dame should not have made the decision to award President Barack Obama an honorary degree.

The Rasmussen Reports survey results are markedly different from an earlier survey conducted by the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion & Public Life. The Pew Forum survey found that Catholics, by a margin of 50% to 28%, supported the university’s decision.

The varied results may be attributable to the different poll questions. Rasmussen Reports told survey respondents that the university was violating the US bishops’ guidelines:
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