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Opie Changes Muslim Villain to Danish

So insulting Catholics is cool but Muslims...not so much. Ron Howard is a wuss. Debbie Schlussel has more:

Over the years, I've written about the many movies in which Hollywood changes the villain or the terrorist in the original script or novel from a Muslim to something else out of politically correct deference to Islam, the religion of whiners (and ultimately, murderers).

Now, Hollywood continues in this tradition. This week, "Angels & Demons"--the controversial second installment of Dan Brown's already controversial "The Da Vinci Code"--opens in theaters. My review will be posted at Midnight/early Thursday Morning (stay tuned).

But I'm already learning that the movie has been "disinfected" by Islamopanderers (Director Ron Howard) not wanting to upset our dear friends in the "Religion of Peace," who might do something "peaceful" if the movie had stayed true to the book...
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Lori said...

That is hysterical, since it was a Danish paper that ran the "offensive" Muslim cartoon awhile back, wasn't it? Such irony could not be contrived.

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