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In Defense of John Wayne and Rio Bravo

One of my favorite movies with John Wayne was made as a response to "High Noon," which the Duke didn't like at all as it represented townspeople in America as cowards. Lots of good info for Duke fans and if you haven't seen "Rio Bravo" yet, it's great.

Exquisitely crafted, but never ostentatious. Pleasantly mellow, but never lazy. Thematically rich, but never preachy. Respectful of tradition, but never stolid. Deeply compassionate, but never descending into schmaltz. Five decades ago, a group of men now long-dead (and, it must be said, one smokin’-hot woman, still-living) followed an aged veteran director into the Arizona desert to make a humble, heartfelt western based firmly on quintessentially American notions of courage, decency, and good humor. The result of their collaboration, Rio Bravo (1959), remains one of the great visceral pleasures of cinema.
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