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If They'd Only Let Teachers Marry!

This shouldn't be shocking to anyone but it's still sickening. Teachers accused of molesting being returned to the classroom. And the press couldn't care less. Newsbusters has more:

An explosive, front-page investigation on Sunday (5/10/09) in the Los Angeles Times reported that the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) "repeatedly" returned teachers and aides credibly accused of child molestation back to classrooms, and these individuals then molested children again. The jaw-dropping story, by Times staffer Jason Song, is incredibly angering, and the tales of abuse are stomach-turning. (An accompanying audio slideshow at the Times web site is quite disturbing.)

In the last several years, media outlets have endlessly ripped and tarred the Catholic Church for mishandling episodes from decades ago. Meanwhile, these episodes in LAUSD are all quite recent. One documented case dates back to just last year!

Where's the outrage from the rest of the media?
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Anonymous said...

I don't see the big deal.

When marriages have been destroyed through the divorces needed to have an annulment case heard and the destroyed marriage is ultimately upheld, on appeal, the "canonists" who "justified" its destruction with "moral certainty" are allowed to continue destroying more marriages as are the bishops and the Pope who take no action to stop the American Church from its "style" of requiring divorces for nullity hearings.

The destruction of a valid marriage is no less abuse than molestation. The lives of our five children have been completely turned inside out. Not a single of those clerics have been held accountable, nor has my wife, nor has her lover, nor have the priests and bishops who encourage adultery.

The Catholic Church still abuses children through annulments and the divorces they encourage but no one cares, much less any of our useless clergy, be they bishop or priest or deacon!

Get real.

Speak to some survivors of priestly encouragement of divorce in order to pursuit annulments, when one spouse wanted to defend their marriage. Stop in at Bai Macfarlane's yahoo group.

nightfly said...


I remember your comments from another thread, anon, and have a great deal of sympathy for what you must be going through. I'm willing to think that this must be hurting your objectivity a bit, and to cut you some slack - because otherwise, your reply is unfathomably callous. We're talking about the innocence of children, and their safety and integrity. It's a big deal.

Your pain and bitterness ought not to lead you to so easily dismiss the pain of others, especially when it results from an abuse that you claim is equal to your own.

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