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I Hated Pius XII

Really interesting article about Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust from the Catholic Herald:

Flicking through images on his BlackBerry, Gary Krupp shows me a picture of himself embracing Pope John Paul II. "I loved him!" he exclaims.

"He is the guy who knighted me," he continues, in reference to his admission to the Pontifical Equestrian Order of St Gregory the Great, then moving on to an image of himself with Pope Benedict XVI, he adds: "And this is the guy who promoted me [as a Knight commander of the same order]."

Flight delays made our meeting in the bar of a London hotel very late and Krupp and his wife Meredith were tired. We had been talking about Pope Pius XII for nearly two hours and were about to call it a day after none of us could recall the name of Pius's Secretary of State (Cardinal Luigi Maglione) who, on his orders, protested to Ernst von Weizsacker, the German Ambassador, against the deportation of Rome's Jews by the SS.
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